广州市天启正业建筑设计事务所(普通合伙)(ARCHINATURE DESIGN ASSOCIATES)创建于2004年,四位合伙人均是具有二、三十年以上设计经验的高级工程师,致力于提供项目策划、城市设计、建筑设计、室内设计等全程一体化技术服务,具有建筑设计事务所甲级资质,是广东省勘察设计行业优秀民营企业、广东省工程勘察设计行业协会副会长单位、广州市工程勘察设计行业协会监事单位及羊城设计联盟会员单位。

天启正业创立至今,一直秉承“精心设计,尽心服务”的企业宗旨和“求精求强,而不求大”的发展思路,事务所规模和业务量有意识地控制在一个稳健合理的范围内,使事务所合伙人能够亲自管控每一个设计项目,从而有效地保证设计水平和服务质量。十几年来,“遵循自然,构建和谐”的设计理念和追求精品的设计态度,使天启正业赢得了合景泰富地产、粤海地产、新鸿基地产、融创中国、方圆地产、中信地产、粤电集团、玖龙纸业、广州市重点办、省国税局、广东工贸职业技术学院、广东科技学院、天安数码城公司等众多业主单位的认可,完成了数以百计的设计作品。作为一个中小规模的设计事务所,天启正业仅在广州珠江新城、天河和琶洲等核心商业区就设计建成了六个超高层项目,其中座落在珠江新城核心区的环球都会广场位列广州超高层第五高度(高度318 米),获得了广东省、广州市优秀工程设计一等奖;位于广州天河东路的粤电信息交流管理中心(高度160 米)获国家三星级绿色建筑设计标识、广东省土木建筑学会詹天佑故乡杯、广州市优秀工程绿色建筑一等奖等奖项;此外,天启正业还承接了番禺天安节能科技园(七期)、东莞凤岗天安科技园(二期)、增城低碳产业园(一~ 三期)、东莞松山湖中以合作产业园等一系列科技产业项目,以及广州亚运体育文化中心、广东工贸职业技术学院新校区、广东科技学院新校区、佛山泷景花园、顺德北滘天銮花园、增城云溪四季、南宁天汇广场等各类公建和住宅项目,积累了丰富的设计经验和业绩。



Archinature Design Associates (General Partnership) was co-founded in 2004 by four senior engineers engaged in design practices for two or three decades. As a provider for full-range services ranging from project programming, urban design, architectural design to interior design with Grade-A qualification certificate for architectural design, we are the executive council member of Guangdong Engineering Geotechnical Survey & Design Association, executive council member of Guangzhou Engineering Geotechnical Survey & Design Association.

Since establishment, guided by the principle of delivering best design and quality service and striving for excellence in quality instead of quantity, we have intentionally control our business growth and volume at a stable and reasonable level. This way, the partners are able to direct each and every project in person to ensure design and service quality. For more than one decade, our design vision of following the rules of nature and building harmony and our passion for excellency have been widely recognized by numerous clients, including KWG Property, GDH Real Estate, Sun Hung Kai Properties, Sunac China, Fangyuan Group, CITIC Real Estate, Guangdong Yuedian Group, Nine Dragons Paper, Guangzhou Key Project Office, Guangdong Provincial Office of State Administration of Taxation (SAT), Guangdong Vocational College of Industry & Commerce, Guangdong University of Science & Technology and Tian'an Cyber Park, etc. So far, we have completed over one hundred design projects. As a small/medium-sized design firm, we have designed 6 super- high-rise

projects in Zhujiang New Town, Tianhe and Pazhou CBDs. Among them, Guangzhou International Metropolis Plaza in the core area of Zhujiang New Town, the fifth tallest building in Guangzhou (318 meters) has won the first prizes of Excellent Engineering Design Award of both Guangdong province and Guangzhou; while Yuedian Group Plaza (160 meters) on Tianhe East Road has won the National Three-Star Green Building Certification, Jeme Tien Yow Hometown Cup of the Civil Engineering and Architectural Society of Guangdong and and the First Prize of Excellent Engineering Award of Guangzhou (Green Building). Our portfolio also includes industrial parks, namely Panyu Tian’an Ecological Park (Phase VII), Dongguan Fenggang Tian’an Science and Technology Park (Phase II), Zengcheng Low-carbon Industrial Park (Phase I-III), China-Israel International Cooperation Industrial Park, as well as public buildings and residential projects such as Guangzhou Asian Games Culture and Sports Center, new campuses of Guangdong Vocational College of Industry & Commerce and Guangdong University of Science & Technology, Longjing Garden in Foshan, The Riviera in Shunde, Fortunes Season in Zengcheng and IGC Plaza in Nanning. Such track record speaks eloquently our strong design expertise.

We have developed our design style through years of design practices. With design vision of “following the rules of nature and building harmony”, we strive to incorporate features of local culture into each of our projects, including Guangzhou Asian Games Culture and Sports Center, Yuedian Group Plaza, No.1 Building of Shaozhou Hotel and new campus of Guangdong Vocational College of Industry & Commerce, etc. These projects are well recognized by the clients and the community and won the municipal and provincial design awards.

Despite of the unprecedented competition and challenges brought by social and economic development, we will stay true to our corporate values and goal and forge ahead toward a better future!